Pooling Scheme

PT. Bahari Tirta Manajement was established in order to provide ship owner and the managers with the most reliable service in the most essential sections which they highlight. We as a Crew Manning Agency, which selects recruits and delivers seafarers to its client (ship owners and ship managing / crw managing companies and crew manning agency companies). And we provides knowledgeable and trained crew members who are experienced in the management and operation of Tankers, Bulks, Cargo, Offshore, Servey, Cruise and others. Following positions that we can provide are :


Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, 4th Officer, Deck Cadet, Bosun, Storekeeper, Carpenter, Able Seaman and Ordinary Seaman.


Chief Engineer, Engineers, Engine Cadet, Fitter, Electrian, Motor Man, Oiler (Greaser) and Wiper.


Chief Cook, Assistant Cook and Steward.


Assitant Housekeeper, Assitant Chief Steward, Cabin Steward and Cleaner, Bell Boys.


All joining crew members returning of new hires are subject to a through. Pre Employment Medical Examination by an acredited and spesialized Medical Institution under Supervision the Ministry of Health. All Crew members are required to pass the Medical guidelines set by the principals.


All deck and engine crew members have passed the required courses and licensing prior to shipboard engagements. Hotel Personnel are evaluated on experienced gained from hotel experience and formal training accredited hotel / Tourism School. All categories of shipboard personnel are required to hold certificate for their corresponding positions as required by the International Maritim Organization.


The company ensures that only qualified canditates are given first preferance following selection guidelines set by the principals. A right sreening process and certification is being carried out prior to endorsment for processing.


Since Indonesia is an archipelago, geography well situated near water, explains the Maritime Instincts of its people. Although the older generation of Indonesian Seafarer became skilled tradionality through experience, the younger newcomers acquire their skill through formal education and training to be abtain Internationally required seafarers certification.

Selection and Acceptance Systems Ship's Crew

Objective : Ensure that the need for crew fulfillment service is running

In Accordance with predetermined rules

Scope : Implementing ship crew selection by the company together designated ship owners and reviewed crew members as the crew chossen.

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